Hello and welcome to Sabrina Kerry.

Hello and welcome to Sabrina Kerry – my little treasure chest where I will write about the things I love. It could be about an outfit, a trip or just something I like doing!

I was born in Florence, Italy, from an Italian mother and a British father. Moved to England for good nearly 7 years ago with my partner, my daughter and a cheeky boy in my tummy!

I’m a business woman, owner and only employee of my own company. I own a small boutique of ready-to-wear women clothing and accessories, where everything is made-in-house by me.

I love a sunny day, whether it’s winter or summer it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s sunny… the sun gives me a lot of energy.

I love brisk walking… and I do love shopping… oh… if I do!

I love minimalist fashion. In my wardrobe there are mostly neutral colours, black and grey pieces of clothing! I love jeans and I have a thing for scarves and unique stylish shoes. Yes… I am a shoe addict, flat shoes! ;-)

I hope this blog inspires you in many different ways! Feel free to leave a comment!