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Day Off In Leigh-on-Sea

Day Off In Leigh-on-Sea


Wasn’t it lovely when the weather treated us to those amazing sunny days at the end of last month? A perfect taste of the Spring season, the leaves are beginning to show on the trees, the flowers are starting to blossom, the birds are nesting, more people smiling… ;-) Maybe a bit too early but I loved it! Such a lovely atmosphere and lots of energy everywhere!

I had to take an extra day off in those days (not because I wanted to enjoy the sun, I promise!). I had to help my dad with something and by the time we finished I didn’t think it was worth going back to work for only couple of hours. So, as the kids were home because of half term, I thought it would have been nice to go for a little wander in Leigh with my daughter and make the most of that sunny afternoon.

I love Leigh-on-Sea so much, a lovely town full of small independent businesses, cute boutiques, lots of cafes to stop by and have lunch… just 10 minutes driving from home and I find myself in such a graceful place!


A ‘must’ stop is my favourite boutique Store Thirty3… couldn’t ask for better. The perfect mixture of everything: unique clothing, gorgeous jewellery and accessories, delicate houseware and lots more. It’s a small shop but I could easily spend quite a long time in there trying everything on, admiring every single details of each item and chatting… It’s nice that each time I pop in there there’s always something new and different, it’s really hard to walk out without buying anything. But this time I’ve been pretty good and managed to not spend a fortune! My daughter dragged me out just in time!


As I’m due to my yearly eye test I thought it could have been a good idea to quickly pop in Focus on Broadway and check their new frames. I’m very fussy when comes to choose a new pair of glasses, especially when you have to wear them everyday. They have a superb selection of frames, but sometimes with so many to choose from is even more difficult to find the one you really like. It was good that I had my daughter with me, she’s very honest and straight forward with her opinions, and I do listen to her, it looks like she’s got quite good taste for a 10 years old! :-)

Anyway, I couldn’t believe it but this time it actually took me only few minutes to find and fall in love with an other Jimmy Choo frame! Now I can’t wait for them to be ready!


I find that wandering in Leigh is always very fascinating, even if I’ve seen the same things over and over again, there is something about this place that makes me feel good. And obviously the good weather makes it even more enchanting, with a warmth feel to it and brighter colours.


Off we go down the mysterious Church Hill Steps to Old Leigh, let’s take some photos and make memories… and explore hidden gems…


Old Leigh, a picturesque and historical place, such a peaceful corner to spend few hours with friends and family or even just by yourself. Just sit on the wall admiring the view, the water shining because of the sun light, the breeze, the cockle boats… in front of you a beautiful painting of an astonishing scenery. I feel an emotional connection every time I’m there, it gives me a sense of tranquillity. I could spend hours there even just sitting by myself, meditating, relaxing, reading a book… I love taking the children there, especially in the summer, bare feet and playing in the sand. Bliss!


Last stop and then we’ll head back home… Ice cream please!


Shirt by Comptoir des Cotonniers - Jeans by Next - Glasses by Jimmy Choo - Shoes by Shoe Embassy - Cross body bag by Ted Baker - Jacket from a small boutique in Italy

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